Regional Railroads, Motor Carriers & Water Carriers

Slover & Loftus LLP is among the leading firms in the area of short line and regional railroad development. Beginning with the Little Rock & Western Railway in 1982, the firm has assisted numerous entrepreneurs and diversified companies in establishing new rail carriers through line purchases and leases from larger railroads. The firm’s expertise includes the structure and negotiation of acquisition transactions and contracts, trackage rights arrangements, regulatory approval, labor protection issues, and financing. Slover & Loftus LLP is also well versed in the abandonment process before the Surface Transportation Board.

In addition, Slover and Loftus LLP has acted as counsel to several of the nation’s largest motor carriers in the U.S. and has assisted these clients with a variety of transportation issues, including, but not limited to, dealings with Class I railroads.

Slover & Loftus LLP has acted as lead counsel in several landmark regulatory and court cases affecting short line and regional railroad development, including the 1990 Wilmington Terminal case, which clarified the obligations of short line purchasers to a seller’s employees, and the 1995 New England Central case, which established regulatory ground rules for acquisitions of larger properties by new carriers.