Rail Transportation

Slover & Loftus LLP is the leading law firm in the United States representing the interests of railroad customers. Slover & Loftus LLP has represented shippers and other rail customers, including electric utilities and other bulk commodity shippers, intermodal freight providers, and grain, ethanol, fertilizer, petroleum products, and chemical shippers. In particular, the firm has represented shippers, notably electric utilities, in practically every major proceeding at the Surface Transportation Board and Interstate Commerce Commission during the past 50 years, including in rulemakings, mergers, unreasonable practice cases, and rate cases. The firm’s extensive experience has been utilized to represent clients in federal and state courts, arbitrations, and other commercial disputes with all of the major railroads in the United States.

Slover & Loftus LLP also applies its current and detailed knowledge of the rail industry to commercial relationships with rail carriers. The firm regularly helps rail customers in negotiating rail transportation contracts, as well as the administration of such contracts, including questions relating to the proper implementation of rate adjustment provisions, price renegotiation or true-up provisions, as well as railroad service commitment provisions. In circumstances where rail customers face unanticipated changes in the economics of transportation or controversies over the application of contract terms, the firm assists them in analyzing and evaluating their options and represents them in renegotiations, arbitrations and litigations involving rail transportation contracts. The firm is thoroughly versed in all aspects of the economics of transportation by railroad.